Our mission is to encourage growth and nurture community through music making. At CNY Music Therapy we are board certified practitioners who are passionate about supporting and resourcing music therapy in the greater Central New York region. We believe we are stronger together than we ever could be individually and our aim is to provide a growing number of services that are inclusive and accessible for all, with open and transparent practices that encourage feedback and authentic connection. We are committed to work to the highest standards of best practice in the music therapy profession and to nurture community through music-making, both as a local resource embedded into local projects and as an online presence.

Therapist and client singing and playing the metallophone


  1. We provide music therapy services for individuals and groups in education, in healthcare, for private clients and within the local community.

  2. We offer consultancy for people-centered music projects, providing creative models and training of personnel, so that music-making can become more accessible in a variety of settings in the community.

  3. We educate and advocate for more music therapy services in the region and support local music therapists through supervision, internships and hosting resource groups. 


Music Therapy as a profession works to a Code of Ethics which includes this statement:

“We aim to provide quality client care regardless of race, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, ethnic or national origin, disability, health status, socioeconomic status, marital status, or political affiliation.”*

[Read full Code of Ethics here: AMTA Code of Ethics | Official Documents]


CNY Music Therapy LLC has zero tolerance for discrimination and we will always tackle prejudice, bigotry and inequity. We also actively promote fully inclusive practices in our language and community engagement as well as our client sessions.

Our goal is to provide equitable services ‘regardless’*, and also to commit to ensure that we fully respect and are mindful to address the inequities that can remain hidden and often silenced due to all forms of privilege (e.g. white privilege, ableism, cis-gender privilege, etc).”


As a young company we actively work together to address our own privilege; to uncover inherent biases in our systems and our approaches; to educate ourselves on the stories of oppression and the language that people in marginalized groups use to identify their struggle. This is important for all BIPOC communities and also must include people with visible and invisible disabilities and the LGBTQ+* community. We respect difference in all its forms and recognize the intersectionality of marginalized people described by the phrase, “Same struggle, different difference”. We commit to listen to these emerging voices and join as allies and advocates in celebrating a diverse and colorful world.

*[To read more about the terms Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer +, see https://gaycenter.org/about/lgbtq/#transgender

If you would like to contribute to our mission yo bring music therapy to those groups and individuals that cant afford it we, would be very grateful for anything you can give and would love to keep you in touch with our projects.