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At CNY Music Therapy we aim to provide adaptive, responsive solutions wherever required in the care of our clients and students. Tele-health services are new to many of us, but can offer connection when this is not possible or is limited for some. 

We are happy to talk through how this type of online platform would work for your circumstances, whether that is now as we have enforced social distance, or whether, for example, medical or geographical challenges would otherwise limit your access to a music therapy session.

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an open laptop, a smartphone and headphones on a desk with plants and paints surrounding

“My time with Kath was crucial to the beginning of my path back to stability and reawakening of my creative self. It really helped me to see my life more clearly and articulate my dreams” 

- Maya June Dwyer

“I was amazed with how his session went on Tuesday - the excitement on his face was priceless!!”

- Mom of school student who was previously struggling to go near the computer for any of his school sessions.

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