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Become a Singing Soulutions Leader!


Interested in training? We would love to hear from you!

Singing Soulutions is about moving, breathing, singing - it’s a singing movement!


  • If you have a passion for singing, believe that singing should be available for everyone to enjoy together, and are excited to welcome a range of people who are often excluded …

  • If you look for community and believe that we are better together and that singing can heal across our many divisions …

  • In particular, if you are from an underserved community and want to bring tools for healing there …


...then we would love to hear from you!


Are you a music leader?

We’re looking for music teachers, choir directors, music therapists, and community musicians to join our team of singing leaders! Singing Soulutions is offering a free training program for local leaders to learn the unique set of approaches and cultural values that are foundational to leading these small groups focusing on health and wellness.


Do you love singing? Are you involved in physical theater? Do you have related gifts or experiences?

Singing Soulutions runs with a model of leader and co-leader. Both of these roles require the initial 8-week weekly training, followed by a mentoring opportunity as a co-leader for a Singing Soulutions group. From here, we invite further discussion to agree on your development track - whether as a leader or as a co-lead. Both roles are rewarding!


Training Program:

  • Phase 1: 8 weekly sessions of 2 hours each, along with required homework set between weeks. 

  • Participants will ‘graduate’ by demonstrating their group singing skills developed in the training and leading a Singing Soulutions group for their peers.

  • Phase 2: Mentorship (co-leading) in a Singing Soulutions 6-week program. 


We are continually expanding our range of groups available and the number of groups running. We will work with you to schedule a group that fits for you.

We are looking for partners! As a trainee, you are also encouraged to suggest new groups, and to work with us to set up groups in a new community space, with new community partners.


Contract work:

When you have completed the training, we offer a stipend for each group program (total 6 weeks with homeworks set for participants). 

All resources provided and creativity encouraged!:

Singing Soulutions leader per full (6-week) program: $500

Singing Soulutions co-lead per full (6-week) program: $250


Note: Our current base for this training is the Nancy Cantor Warehouse in Downtown Syracuse. Our Singing Soulutions groups are held at SALTSpace.

As a worker, you are responsible for transport to and from this venue, or any other community space where we hold a Singing Soulutions group.


This is a movement in the making!

We are developing our training in a module-based approach, recognizing that in our community there are different levels of musical training and experience. Our training model will develop to also provide a 101, for those who have not yet had an opportunity to learn some of the basics of vocal health and song leading; we are committed to provide a ‘catch-up’ musical training, so that our singing leaders look like the city that we serve, and can be fully equipped to bring their gifts within a supported framework.


Please reach out to us to express your interest, ask any questions, or to request a conversation with the founder and director, Kath:

Q & A:


How much does the initial training cost? The training is provided free of cost, and the second phase of mentorship where you work as a contractor in a co-lead role is paid in the form of a stipend.

Do I have to have a background in music therapy? Nope! We are looking for folks who have a combination of music and leadership abilities and incorporate relevant music training for those who don’t have a formal music background.

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