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We believe in the value of music-making for all! Our commitment to encouraging growth and nurturing community through music-making takes us from the focused work of ‘inviting the art, science and craft of music and healing’, and spins it outwards to experience healing through all the general therapeutic qualities of music, and in particular making music as a way to connect.

We partner with friends and initiatives in the local community and are always eager to find ways to collaborate and support music-making! 

Visit: Gail Healy (MT-BC) @ Drumsong

Syracuse Community Choir

The Syracuse Community Choir is a non-audition choir that supports the message that 'everyone can sing!' and aims to prioritize a diverse and inclusive arena where we sing for the values of peace and justice. The choir, which was established by Karen Mihalyi 35 years ago, runs an adult, teens and children's choir and we hold 2 concerts a year for the wider Syracuse community. 

As a company committed to the values of supporting every voice and celebrating the 'us' as community, along with our commitment to increased diversity and mutuality, Kath and Alyssa have been involved in the choir creative team for the past 4 years.

Everyone is welcome! Rehearsals are on Wednesday evenings during our 2 seasons. We also hold some creative workshops during the season. Check this link for more information and some of our 'online' concerts during 2020.


“I used to think that music was like lace upon a garment, nice to have but not necessary. I have come to believe that music is absolutely essential to our community life.”

- George Eastman

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