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Guitar Playing

INCLUSIVE MUSIC LESSONS - providing adaptive solutions for any limitation.

We offer integrated music lessons with adaptations for individuals with disabilities. Whatever your musical interest - vocal, instrumental, or both - we will work with you to make any necessary adaptations for you to find musical expression. These will include a range of approaches from active music listening to songwriting, from music mindfulness to dance party, from practicing scales to playing your favorite tune!

We have the required training and skills to support each individual to find their own way to express themselves through music.


Location and Participants

Our lessons are Open to the Public! Currently, all of our lessons are held at SALTspace just outside downtown Syracuse. SALTspace is a shared performing arts space owned and operated by the Near Westside Initiative. Accessible parking is available. 


"Music imprints itself in the brain deeper than any other human experience.... Music brings back the feeling of life whenn nothing else can."

- Dr. Oliver Sachs

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