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We are happy to answer any questions you have by email and we also offer a phone or Zoom meeting if you would like to talk through any concerns or outstanding questions. After this conversation, we will work with you to find a good time and location for your sessions.

Assessment session

We hold an initial assessment - then we recommend signing-up for an initial 6 sessions.

We will provide an update at this point for you to review along with us. At this point we will make a plan together for how to move forward. 

These sessions will work with your schedule - typically weekly or every 2 weeks.

Direct service reimbursement

We are able to meet the necessary requirements for direct reimbursement by holding our sessions in a community setting, advertising our sessions on our website and naming our sessions as ‘music class/lesson’. Please let us know if you will be using direct reimbursement so that we can provide the necessary information to you.

How we work

We are music-centered and client-centered, which means that we will work together with you to set goals and listen carefully to both your hopes and your needs. 

In our music therapy spaces, there are a number of different instruments along with music technology to explore many options of self-expression through music-making.

As board-certified music therapists and licensed creative arts therapists, we keep records of the sessions and hold the confidentiality for these notes and for the sessions very carefully.

Your consent in the therapeutic relationship and as part of our developing work is our priority.

Our venues are labelled fully accessible, but we are aware that this unfortunately does not always cover the necessary bases! Our commitment to you and to our developing work is that we are ready to respond and adjust both the environment and our practices.

Where we work

St Marianne Cope Museum, Syracuse

St Joseph’s Health, Syracuse

SALTspace Performing Arts Theatre, Syracuse

Homer Center for the Arts, Homer

School districts - Marcellus, Jamesville-DeWitt (Onondaga County), APW, Pulaski, Central Square, Fulton (Oswego County), Ithaca, Newfield, Dryden (TST County).

Preschools - Tompkins County, Oswego County

“We both feel that he has become more extrovert and outgoing. He is using a lot more words and is able to express himself better. Since starting the music therapy sessions he can initiate conversation more in turn - this allows Jude to express himself better - this has helped his behaviour.”

- Parent of Jude (age 5)

“Almost all children respond to music. Music is an open-sesame, and if you can use it carefully and appropriately, you can reach into that child’s potential for development.”

- Dr.Clive Robbins (co-founder of Nordoff Robbins music therapy clinic and training.)

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