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Singing groups which focus on increasing health and wellness!

A program that focuses on singing and its many benefits for people experiencing life-limiting conditions! 

Each small group (with min 6 and max 15 members) has a focus area, where particular health needs are understood and support is given to use the health benefits of singing to move towards physiological and psychological well being.


Singing Soulutions is created by Kath Fathers at CNY Music Therapy LLC, using theory and experience to craft groups that include safe singing practices and that nurture community through music-making. 

Please check out our recent feature on WCNY's Cycle of Health, in an episode called ‘Music and your Mind’, discussing the benefits of singing, music therapy, and music in the community:

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SINGING SOULUTIONS for dementia care


For people experiencing memory loss along with their carers. 

Music activates us! For many who experience cognitive impairment through conditions such as Alzheimer’s, singing can reactivate the memory and support us to be alive to the present moment.

To see an example of how singing can help people with dementia, click on the button below to see a short clip from an episode of  '60Minutes' on what music does for Tony Bennet as he lives with Alzheimers (a form of dementia).

SINGING SOULUTIONS for pain management


For people living with chronic pain, this class will lead you in exercises for body, breath and voice, and connect you to others through singing. No singing experience necessary!

A physical therapist will support these sessions with advice on breaking cycles of pain and ensuring safe participation for all.

SINGING SOULUTIONS for processing grief and trauma


For people living with grief and/or trauma, this class will lead you in exercises for body, breath and voice, and support emotional connection through singing. No singing experience necessary!


There is a growing body of work in the field of therapy that recognizes that talking through our trauma is not always helpful - it recognizes that we need ways to connect with our bodies in order to unlock our emotions. It is also now acknowledged that trauma is carried in our DNA across generations. So current research is confirming that our bodily, chemical responses are inherently linked to what we used to label as ‘mental’ health. We are connected - body, mind and spirit!

Singing brings us into the present moment! It supports us to breathe more deeply, which in turn supports the parasympathetic nervous system, addressing stress and anxiety that manifests in our bodies. When we sing, we are focused on all the mechanisms that go with that activity, reading/recalling words, making pitched sounds with our vocal cords, sustaining our breath, using our bodies to support all that work. While this keeps us in the present moment, music also opens up a more direct access to our emotions.


This class series invites you to explore your emotions while held in the music, and offers safety strategies in the music for moments of processing emotional pain.


To register for 'Singing Soulutions for Processing Grief and Trauma',

please email for a current registration form:

SINGING SOULUTIONS for lung health


For people with breathing difficulties such as COPD, this class will safely lead you through breathing exercises and lift your spirits through song.

Kath is trained in the UK approach to singing for lung health, supported by the British Lung Foundation and the National Health Service. Click on the button below to watch stories of individuals who have benefited.



See below for an evaluation report with evidence of the benefits. 

Also coming soon:


SINGING SOULUTIONS for mental health

And the next step of the vision…


Performance opportunities for small singing groups coming together across the region.


The program is also designed to mentor singing leaders across a diverse range of communities, so that we can raise our voices across the region and sing for our health!

Please reach out to us to set up a group, if you are interested in becoming a “SINGING SOULUTIONS’ leader, or check out our scheduled events on our FaceBook page.

Contact Kath at 



The name 'SignAloud' was devised by students in the APW school district to describe our 'singing and signing' choir. The choir works on the principles of 'total communication' - where we use signs (with words from American Sign Language (ASL), but not using the grammar) and put them together with vocalizing the words, so that our bodies as well as our voices are focussed on communication. This helps the communication of those with language limitations and also supports students learning, or interested in learning ASL as a language, to enhance their vocabulary and signing techniques. It provides a challenge to all participants and opportunities for integration across the school, with no barriers between any age and ability, and it is so much fun to sing together!

Over a number of years, this has provided an inclusive shared performance opportunity, which was warmly welcomed by the music department's parent concerts. 


SignAloud works well as an after-school enrichment program. We offer facilitation for your specific context, and also a training/mentoring program with consultation to equip your school/organization to run a SignAloud program.

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