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CNY Music Therapy Black Lives Matter Statement

At CNY Music Therapy, we fully support the Black Lives Matter movement. We are appalled by the killing of George Floyd, Brianna Taylor and many other black lives by police officers across this nation and we wholeheartedly support the call echoing around the world to address these injustices and challenge white supremacy and systemic racism.


We recognize that there is a lack of diversity within the Music Therapy profession and we are committed to addressing this by becoming an equal opportunities employer and internship provider to contribute towards addressing the imbalance that exists. We are a new company committed to giving these issues the attention that is necessary for cultural change. We are making small steps in seeking to take responsibility within our local community, and we are in the early stages of developing a community engagement project in Syracuse that will offer mentorship to young Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC)* musicians.


*[For a full description of BIPOC see]


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