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Before You Request a Music Therapy Assessment...

These questions may help members of a student’s IEP committee determine the appropriateness of a music therapy assessment. Before contacting a music therapist to perform an assessment, the following questions should be discussed andanswered by the parent(s)/guardian(s) of the student, the teacher of the student and at least one other district representative (i.e. the diagnostician). A “no” response to one or more questions does not necessarily mean that a student is inappropriate for a music therapy assessment. If disagreements or questions arise, a music therapist should be contacted. 


Can the student be motivated to attempt tasks through the use of music?


Can the student by motivated to complete tasks through the use of music?


Could the student benefit from the use of additional communication modalities?


Does the student initiate interaction with music or musical instruments in the classroom or in the home?


Does the student retain information conveyed in songs more easily than information conveyed in spoken interchanges?


Thanks for considering this child for referral.If you have any other questions, please contact CNY Music Therapy LLC

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