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MA, Board certified Music Therapist (MT-BC), Licensed creative arts therapist (LCAT)

Co-founder & Creative Director, CNY Music Therapy LLC

Kath Fathers is a Welsh musician and writer who trained and first practiced music therapy in the UK before moving to Syracuse in 2014. . She is inspired by the uniqueness of each individual and passionate about the transforming power of music to offer a voice to the voiceless and a connection for those feeling isolated. Born in Wales and therefore coming from a very small nation with a minority language, she understands both the challenges and the value of ensuring that every voice is heard, however small. 


Kath has music therapy experience with a range of populations both in the UK and the US: children with multiple and complex disabilities (including ASD); people in palliative care in hospice along with their families; the elderly in nursing homes (including those with dementia and Alzheimer’s); mental health within the community and in hospitals; private practice working as music psychotherapist. She currently works in schools and a hospital and is also a co-creative director with the Syracuse Community Choir and adjunct professor at Syracuse University.


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Alyssa Courter

MS, Board certified Music Therapist (MT-BC)

Co-founder, CNY Music Therapy LLC


Alyssa is a music therapist passionate about guiding her clients through growth and self-exploration. She studied music therapy at SUNY New Paltz (M.S. 2018) and has a background in music education from Syracuse University (M.S. 2010). Alyssa is currently working in schools as a music therapist for children and is a co-creative director with the Syracuse Community Choir. In addition to music therapy in schools, Alyssa has a particular interest for pre and perinatal music therapy; supporting people before and during their journey into parenthood. She is also a registered yoga teacher and incorporates breathing techniques and mindfulness whenever indicated in her practice. 


CHRISTINA ADAMSKI (she/her) - click to learn more

Board certified Music Therapist (MT-BC)

Music Therapist, CNY Music Therapy LLC

Congratulations Christina!

Christina worked as an intern alongside Kath as her supervisor at St Joseph’s Hospital, Syracuse and APW school district, Oswego County. She has now achieved her 1000+ hours of internship training and has passed her board certification exam! She is now part of the team at CNY Music Therapy LLC and is working in schools in Oswego County.

" I'm excited to be part of the team at CNY Music Therapy. This is my first job as a board certified music therapist and I couldn't be happier to be a part of what CNY Music Therapy is creating here in Central New York. I have enjoyed working with children in the APW school district, as well as various patients in the hospital. I look forward to all the opportunities that CNY Music Therapy can provide me. "

- Christina Adamski

Headshot of Christina Adamski
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