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Marie & Beth's Story - A song from two sisters saying goodbye to Mum

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

This following song is written and sung by two sisters who were taking care of their mom - their sole carer - who was facing her imminent death from cancer.

They wanted to create a song for her. Both were teenagers, wanting to look after their mom, but also wanting to be kids, to have fun, to fit in with their peers.

They had a heavy burden to carry and these 3 sessions were a way for them to process and address some of those mixed up emotions that loss stirs up within us.

The girls brought ‘Wishing on a Star’ by Rose Royce as a template of a song that contained something of what they wanted to say to mom, and they added their own words to that. The song supported them to speak some of the unbearable, e.g. mom is lonely and ‘we just can’t let you go’. Then we looked for some shared fun memories - times they could remember and laugh together as a family. And this one story they shared became the bridge of the song. 

They both wanted to sing, but they also wanted to make some of the musical parts and they also really wanted it to sound fun - so there are some cymbals, wind chimes, improv and laughter added in to make it even more their own creation.

The recorded song was taken home as a birthday gift for mom and the sisters had found new ways to feel connected around the devastating challenges that were facing them.



I’m wishing on a star to follow where you are

I’m wishing on a dream to follow what it means

We’re know you’re always there for us day and night

You treat us the both same and you put us first

And we know you’re lonely sometimes, yes we know

But we get through it together, yes we do

(CHORUS) I’m wishing on a star….

We just can’t let you go away from here

But in our hearts you will remain forever

And we wish upon the rainbows that we will see

You’ll be stood there watching us grow old eventually

(CHORUS) I’m wishing on a star….

Roundhay Park, Megan fell in the pond!

Had to put Becca’s knickers on!

Megan thought a shark had bit her under the water - and Becca believed her!!

(CHORUS) I’m wishing on a star….

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