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We provide music therapy services in community settings, in client homes and online via a telehealth platform. We operate in 2 main locations of Syracuse and Homer. (Sessions will typically run for a minimum of 4-6 weekly sessions.)

These sessions can be as individual as each client, and will be focused on your particular needs and desired outcomes.

Past clients include those living with:

  • A range of disabilities - everyone is included and their limitations accommodated

  • A traumatic brain injury, including stroke

  • Loss of a loved one or loss of independence for a variety of reasons

  • Fears and anxieties, needing a space for emotional processing

  • A life-limiting illness

  • A mental illness

Music therapy is available as a one-to-one session in person or via tele-health, or within a group setting.

child strumming therapist’s guitar with another child looking on

“The music therapy sessions have been really enjoyable. It gave me something to look forward to. Having what I’ve got, you don’t have a lot to look forward to, so when you do, believe me you should grab it! And it’s been good because it helps me concentrate on the positive.”

- Steve, a client with ALS 

“Thank you again for the work you put in to make this a wonderful music experience. Heather is stronger and more grounded because you helped her inner voice rise to the surface.”

- Mom of a group member in a ‘facilitated communication’ songwriting project 

“Life seems to go on without effort when I am filled with music!”

- George Elliot

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